Dear Community Partners

April 11, 2019

Statement from the URC Board of Directors

The United Rotary Clubs of Lane County Board (URC) met on April 11, 2019 to discuss the future of The Great Rotary Duck Race. Due to a lack of new leadership, the URC has decided to suspend the 2019 Great Rotary Duck Race. The URC is in support of a Club-led visioning process. If Clubs have questions, they should be directed to the Club’s URC Board member. Those members include:

Airport: Bart Ellis

Cottage Grove: Joe Raabe

Delta:  Rex Starr

Emerald Valley: Cynthia Kallunki

Eugene: John Sather, Diana Bray

Fernridge: No Representative

Metro: Aimee Walsh

Twin Rivers: Ed Baker

Springfield: Mark Johnson

Southtowne: John Pfanner